Tell Me About Your Turnaround Time

Alright Photographers. Let's get real. Turn around time.

What does yours look like? Do you brag about it? Or do you feel the need to explain why it's so long?

In fact, why IS your turnaround time the way it is? Are you following industry standard regardless of what you can get done? Did you randomly pick a number and think "hmmm, I can turn around a gallery in that time..."

Here are the turnaround times that I've heard of for weddings....

2-3 Weeks

4-6 Weeks

8 Weeks

Pretty different, huh? Where does yours fall in here?

So talking about your turn around time... do your clients brag about how fast they got their photos... or do they bug you about it? (true, we'll always have clients who text us about their photos before we're even home from the session) but I mean on average. How often do your clients text you about their photos?

We definitely still want to have lives and not be a slave to editing, we want to under promise, over deliver, but is your turnaround time the way you want it?

In a perfect world, with NO time restraints, how fast would you love to get your clients wedding images back to them?

Two weeks? A week? What if I told you... it could be 5 days or less.

What if you could GUARANTEE your clients their images by the following Saturday (but deliver them on Thursday)?????

COULD YOU IMAGINE THAT?? (I'll tell you how it's possible because it totally is)

Let's imagine that amazing world where you return your clients their wedding images by the following Saturday.


Sunday: Recovering and relaxing, culling the images

Monday: Send the gallery to yours truly

Friday: The edited gallery is back in your hands, you upload to your gallery host

Saturday: Deliver your clients images

Seriously. That could be your workflow!!! And did you notice that you're not doing ANYTHING with that gallery Monday- Friday besides prepping it and uploading it???? Your entire WEEK is now free!

Yeah, I said that right... Turnaround time in a WEEK and you're not even doing the work!!!!

No brainer, right?

Aiight so let's say that a one week turnaround doesn't sound awesome to you, we can shave time down off whatever turnaround you have! WE CAN DO IT!!!!

Send me a message and I'll hook you up with your dream life (aka where you have a fast turn around time while eating donuts on the couch and not actually having to do anything- or wait, is that just MY dream life?)

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