Talk to me, baby!

(About communication, that is!)

Most of my photographers had never worked with an editor before me. I love giving them an awesome first experience... but sometimes... photographers come to me with Outsourcing PTSD.

Y'all. I have heard horror stories about outsourcing editing and it makes me sick to my stomach.

-Photographer A got her images back and they hadn't been straightened at all.

-Photographer B was getting emails from different people at the company about her catalog and she couldn't figure out who was actually working on her gallery.

-Photographer C told me that she didn't even know if her catalog was received and there was no one to contact to check.

-I've RE edited galleries that other editing companies totally wrecked.

-ALLLL kinds of unsolicited DMs and emails in broken English trying to get photographer's business (I know... they even messaged me, too.)

Some photographers think the big box overseas editors or super flakey people behind a computer are the ONLY options- no wonder photographers are scared off outsourcing!

"After failed attempts at finding an editor due to poor communication and lack of clear processes, finding Tyssa was such a relief!" Anna Kay

I've always always been super efficient so it's usually lost on me just how extra I am when it comes to organization and communication. It wasn't until I heard some of those outsourcing horror stories that I realized how vulnerable those photographers probably felt.

You handed your precious images (and your client's priceless memories) off to a nameless, faceless company to edit for you. Did you know who would be handling your job? Did you have a phone number to call if there was an issue? A specific person to email? Or did you just have ?

I don't know about you, but that makes me nauseous. But seriously.... some photographers think that's their ONLY option to outsource.

Nah fam. I got your back. My photographers text me, call me, DM me, FB me, page me a la Kim Possible Style. Being the editor and caretaker of your images and your business is a serious honor. I make myself available for my photographers at all time.

And since I'm a pretty rad editor who knows my clients and their style, I also message my photographers if I notice that they're leaning away from their usual style or got a little too cool in their anchor images. Whatever I would fix on my own images, I fix on my photographer's images too!

Would you rather have me.... or ?

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