Sucker Punch Time Suckers

You can always make more money, you can't make more time. Your time is your most precious resource and sometimes you fall down the rabbit hole of wasting time without realizing it!

When you don't carefully protect your time, you end up missing out on other events, straining your relationships, anxiously wondering how you'll get everything done, and overall feeling like you're totally blowing it.

Sucker Punch Time Suckers Tip #1

If you've said it more than twice, write a template for it!

Most of us use Honeybook or Dubsado for email, contract, and invoice templates. I personally use Honeybook and have all of my templates saved in it so whenever I need to send an email or invoice, I click the template from the drop down list, personalize it, and send! Take this a step further by creating shortcuts on your phone for Instagram and Facebook! If you've told a prospective client to check out your website once, you can make a template from it!

Sucker Punch Time Suckers Tip #2

Batch your time.

I'm SO guilty of wanting to respond to every email right when they come in- why wait till later when I can do it now?? But stopping to respond to an email every 5 min and then get back on track will end up costing me more time than finishing my task and answering 6 emails after (especially if I can use templates/copy part of one email's answers for another one!)

Sucker Punch Time Suckers Tip #3

Outsource when you can.

Instacart adds about $6-10 to my overall total. That sounds like a lot to have someone else grocery shop for me. But what do I get? I get to work on my business while someone else does my tasks. I get a high knowing that I'll have my groceries delivered in an hour while I'm writing blog posts!  Feels like winning to me! (I also feel like a total BOSS having other people do things for me). Ask your husband to pick up your grocery list or use Instacart, give your kids chores (they live there, too, you shouldn't have to be doing all the cleaning and picking up yourself!) (and if you're a photographer, you can totally outsource your editing with me, just sayin)

Sucker Punch Time Suckers Tip #4

Call in the professionals.

Yes, some things you can totally DIY and save money. These are times I DIY'd it instead of forking over money to have a professional do it:

-Flooring. It took my husband 6 weeks to finish after work and we lived in a construction zone of dust with all of our furniture in the garage. (I should've just paid to have professionals do it in a weekend)

-My taxes/accounting. I spent 10 hours googling Florida requirements, tax codes, and reading and rereading articles to figure out if I was doing it right. (I ended up emailing a CPA and she answered my questions in 30 minutes).

-Business coaching. I spent DAYS researching and googling ways to make my business better and trying to figure it out myself. (I hired a business and life coach to point me in the right direction and GIVE me the answers).

Whatever you're doing, there's probably a professional for it.

You can always make more money, you can't make more time. Don't let that sweet, precious time wash down the sink like your expensive hair care products.

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