Mistakes You're Making While Editing: Part 3

You’re not clicking “Enable Lens Correction” Y’all know this is a thing, right? RIGHT????

Every lens has SOME kind of distortion (the shorter the lens, the more distortion- usually you shouldn’t go lower than a 35mm for photographing people as it’ll distort faces too much.)

Anyways. Every lens has a little distortion, a little optic trick to it. You’ll see the distortion almost as rounded convex shape pushing the middle of the photo closer towards you and a slight vignette of darkness around the edges of your image. When you click Enable Lens Correction, Lightroom will detect your camera body and lens to correct the distortion. You’ll immediately see that the middle of your images becomes balanced, bodies look a bit more slender, and the edges of your image become bright and clear. Lens Correction is a MUST on every preset I make because it makes a world of difference to the images and subjects.

Play around with it and see how much your images changes right away! Are you a religious follower of Lens Correction or are you now a new believer?

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