Invest In Your Success

Do you have a full time job you're itching to quit? Do you have a giant project that you want to make happen?

I know your initial thought will be to hustle and to hustle hard... but like 90% of us, you'll either fall short or it'll take you WAY longer to accomplish it than you should.

Let's say you want to quit your full time job. Would you rather:

A) Work for another 3 years making it happen, hustling hard on your own, and maaaaaybe be confident in your decision;

B) Hire a business coach, leave your full time job in 3 months, and make enough money to pay off the coaching investment during your first month full time (and double your salary in the first year)

Seriously. What sounds better? OBVIOUSLY B. But why do SO MANY OF US stay with A?

Here's what I think. A is safe, comfortable, and gives us a slight validation that hustle is HARD and it'll take a long time but be worth it. I know a lot of people balk at the price tags of business coaches but if they were GUARANTEED to make back your money, would you hire them? (Because if you go full time, put 100% effort in, invest in yourself, and hustle with their guidance, your success IS guaranteed).

A lot of our block is mindset. Why can't we just say YES to B and jumping in with both feet? I said yes on February 28, 2020. I was doing my consult call with business and life coach Coryn Quester and I voiced my fears of leaving teaching and not being able to be successful. What if this was a mistake? She said "But what if it wasn't a mistake... what if your success was guaranteed? Because it is... Success is 100% up to you and if you want it. So are you in?"

I took a deep breath. And said yes. I decided that this would be the BEST investment I ever made in my business and this is what I believed:

1. In order to grow, you have to give yourself permission.

If you want to grow, stop holding yourself back. If you half ass it, you only have yourself to blame when you get half assed results. Give yourself permission to chase your wildest dreams and to go at it with completely unashamed ambition. The first step is just allowing yourself to grow and go for it.

2. If you think small, you'll stay small.

Growth doesn't come from comfort zones. If you stay small minded in your business, you'll stay small. Once you start making ACTIONS like the big names and performing like you've made it, you'll feel that growth happen.

3. If you don't change anything, you won't get anything different.

Yes, this one is obvious. But if your actions haven't achieved what you wanted, what makes you think that doing THE SAME THINGS over the next 3 years will change anything???

4. You will ALWAYS make more money.

If you carefully research and make a smart investment, it WILL return in value to you! Some things are HUGE investments so you could either scrape together to pay for them next year and (maybe) get there... or invest in yourself and your business and make that money back AND MORE!!!

In order to grow, you have to do some scary things. It might be hiring a business coach, a social media manager, a marketing strategist, a virtual assistant, or an editor. If you're ready to grow and grow fast, make that jump!

And I'd HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY suggest getting in touch with my own Business and Life Coach, Coryn Quester. Or at least hang out in her Facebook Group: Discover What's Possible and get some advice to get you started!

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