How Do You Know If You're Ready To Outsource?

How do you know if you're ready for outsourcing?⁠

⁠ Answer these...⁠ -Are you getting enough sleep?⁠ -Are you spending enough time with your family?⁠ -Do you have a healthy work/life balance?⁠ -Do you have your ideal turn around time for galleries?⁠ -Do you have enough time to get everything you want done?⁠ -Do you enjoy EVERY little tedious task that your business demands?⁠

If you said NO to any of those, you should think about outsourcing a part of your business. It could be accounting, social media posts, content creation, or, my favorite, editing! You don't have to do it all to have ownership of your business.⁠ "But Tyssa, no one will do it as well as I would!"⁠

There is only one you. Who deserves more of your time and attention: your family or your business? Can you hire someone to love your family and spend time with them? Would you rather hire a babysitter for your child's birthday party so you can do your taxes? No way!⁠

There is NO ONE better than you to be an expert on loving your family... but there are experts that can take over and grow parts of your business. Let them!⁠

And these experts don't have to be strangers! Become friends with your virtual assistant, hire a small business CPA, bond with your website designer! You team should feel like friends- not strangers you trust with your precious business! When you find the right people, you'll know it and wonder why you didn't trust in them all along.

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