Honeybook, my virtual best friend

It’s what you’ve always dreamed of.

You started your own business. You have no boss. You ARE the boss. You are the C-E-Oh my God, no one told you there would be so much admin work! Reality check. Running your own business is hard, but let me tell you about my (virtual) best friend.

It’s Honeybook. If you’ve been in the small biz world, I’m sure you’ve heard of Honeybook. It’s a client management system on crack.

Not only does it organize your clients, it houses your contracts, invoices, email templates, automates your workflows, provides insights on your income, organizes your schedule, and more!

I use Honeybook for every single one of my editing clients and one of my favorite features is the contact form. Of course the traditional method of using a contact form is to have your inquiries submit their information through it.

I take that a step further.

I embed a contact form on my website for my editing clients to submit their galleries and the pertinent info! When they submit their project, it immediately creates the Project in Honeybook, AND I have the workflow set up to automatically send an email to tell them that I received their gallery and will send them the proposed invoice shortly!

From there, I send the contract and invoice (that they can pay online of course), do the edits, send them their catalog, and finish out my project!

Honeybook is worth it’s weight in gold for me and my business! If you’re interested in giving it a shot, I have a 50% off code for your first year to test drive it.

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