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what do you need confidence in?


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What would a mindset + confidence boost do for you?

Shall we count the ways?

Help you shoot for that big promo

Stand tall and exude confidence

Have a steady stream of awesomeness

Manifest your best life

Attract positive energy

Make confident decisions

Stand out in the workplace (or boost your own business)

Increase your overall happiness

Boost creativity

Improve relationships

Chase big goals

Get an awesome self image

Fearlessly chase after an amazing future

Take big risks

Love yourself

Make yourself a priority

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Feeling totally awesome

Surpassing your goals

Making yourself a priority


"That would be awesome but I'm not that kind of person..."

"I'm just... me..."

"I just CAN'T put myself out there..."

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I was the same way

and it sucked the life out of me

I was a people pleaser and I played everything small. I shrank from challenges and I never took risks. 

And it was lame.

I wanted a better way of life. I wanted to be confident, fun, weird AF, and be my best self. But I had some roadblocks...

I had self limiting thoughts and didn't think I could be like that. I compared myself to others, I put myself down, and I basically failed before I ever tried anything because I was convinced it wouldn't work out anyways.

Seriously. Lame.

Unlocking confidence and adjusting your mindset is more than just faking it till you make it. It's about becoming the you-est you that you can possibly be. Tapping into exactly who YOU are and rocking the heck out of it.

"Tyssa... I don't even KNOW who I am or what I'm like... I'm just... me."

Exactly. And we'll get you the BEST version of yourself! We'll nail down what makes you YOU, what you want to exude, what you want to be like, how you want to live your best life- and then we'll get on that journey to living and breathing it. 

Being confident means being your best self and living your best life. You'll have better relationships, self care, rock it in business, exude positive energy, have an amazing self image, work towards an awesome future, and feel fulfilled through it all!

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can you imagine....

saying YES to these

  • Good vibes

  • Positive energy

  • Taking risks

  • Manifesting your best life

  • Prioritizing self care

  • Knowing your worth

  • Asking for a raise/increasing your prices

  • Working towards your dream life

  • Easily achieving goals

  • Staying true to yourself

and DITCHING of these

  • Surrounding yourself with toxic people

  • Doubting yourself

  • Playing small

  • Accepting less than you're worth

  • Saying "I can't"

  • Feeling embarrassed

  • Thinking you're not qualified

  • Avoiding risks

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Defining Your Best Self



During our weekly sessions, we will:

+ Leave bad habits in the past and focus on a positive future

+ Define what makes you YOU (what makes you happy/fulfilled/excited/joyful)

+ What the BEST YOU looks like, says, acts, does. 

+ Envision what your BEST LIFE looks like (and we're gonna dream REALLY big)

+ Unlock mindset blocks that have been holding you back

+ Raise your vibration and energy to attract everything you've ever wanted

+ Learn strategies to live as your BEST SELF and live your BEST LIFE

Live Your Best Life

3 MONTHS $996

6 MONTHS $1892

After the 6 Week Defining Your Best Self, we'll continue your path and Live Your Best Life.

During our weekly sessions, we will:

+ Celebrate your successes

+ Create even BIGGER goals

+ Work on affirmations

+ Inspire creativity

+ Tackle any new mindset blocks if they rear their fugly heads

+ Create Alignment and Energy checks 

+ Talk out self limiting thoughts and struggles as they arise

+ Manifest and attract the things you need to live your best life

Let's Do This

Gimme some info and I'll send you an email with the link to set up a consult to chat!

Based out of Burleson, Texas

Available for awesomness Worldwide

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