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How you doin?


I'm so excited that you're here and I can help you edit, be your extra set of eyes, be your teammate, and get you out from behind your desk to do whatever you want to do!

hey there


Like Tyson Chicken nuggets. (No, my parents didn't name me after Mike Tyson and I'm not the heiress to a giant chicken empire- I totally wouldn't hate that). I was named after my Great Uncle Tyson- but obvi I'm not a dude, so Ty-sa! (If you say Tissa or Tessa, I probably won't correct you, sorry).

I'm known for my insatiable love of matcha + my fast turn around times. I specialize in Light and Airy, Light and Bright, and True Color Edits. I LOVE editing for Katelyn James, Amy and Jordan, and Hope Taylor educated photographers!


I live outside Fort Worth with my husband, Jeremiah, and our two dogs! I'm passionate about building my business with a strong mindset (and helping you do the same!)


Let’s chat and let me help you build your business!

I edit for photographers in...

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Tyssa is not only a sweetheart to work with, she is so skilled and has worked to match my editing style. All of this so I can create a one of a kind experience for my client!! She's a permanent part of my workflow!

Sara Haines

Based out of Burleson, Texas

Available for awesomness Worldwide

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