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You didn't get into photography to sit at your desk all day, right?

You want more time with your camera in your hand and LESS time staring at your computer screen.

(And let's not get started about all those *other* business tasks.)

Editing is important but there's gotta be an easier way, right??

(SPOILER ALERT: there is!)

let me hook you up


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What would you do with that extra time?

Here is what some of my photographers have done with their time while I was doing their editing:

Enjoyed a stress free honeymoon

Had a guilt free Target trip

Relaxed on a 2 week family vacation

Volunteered at their kid's school

Took on 10 more sessions that week

Updated their website

Started dinner before anyone complained

Booked double the amount of weddings

Went on a last minute 3 day weekend

Planned a work-free maternity leave

And so much more

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I edit for photographers in...

hey there


I’m Tyssa! I’m a Private Photo Editor and your fav hype girl!!

I'm known for my insatiable love of matcha + my fast turn around times. I specialize in Light and Airy, Light and Bright, and True Color Edits. I LOVE editing for Katelyn James, Amy and Jordan, and Hope Taylor educated photographers!

I'm obsessed with making your workflow faster, giving you back precious time, and being someone you can always count on. My goal is to replicate your editing style so well that you can't tell the difference between the images you edited yourself and the ones that I finish for you. I consider myself an extension of your style and I treat your galleries the way I'd treat my own (if I wouldn't deliver it to a client, I wouldn't send it back to you like that!)

Let's chat and make your workflow faster and easier!

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Jade Alexandria

She's literally thought of everything! I have never worked with an editor before and she made the process so easy and seamless! She's so organized, and I cannot believe my client's photos are done in less than 5 days! I'm so grateful to have her as part of my team and can't wait to send her my next gallery! If you are a photographer looking for an excellent editor (and the best hype girl to cheer you on!), Tyssa is who you need to work with!


Based out of Burleson, Texas

Available for awesomness Worldwide

Copyright Tyssa Watson, LLC 2020