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Let me give you the hook up:

Private Photo Editing to alleviate your business and life stress

Mindset + Motivation to get your headspace right

Feeling stuck?

Motivating photographers + creatives

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I’m Tyssa! I’m a Private Photo Editor + Mindset Junkie. 

I'm a Type A, Enneagram Type 2 Helper, and all I want to do is fix everyone's problems! As a photographer, I saw how much my friends were getting overwhelmed and I ventured into the world of editing.


Then, as I worked with more and more photographers and creatives, it killed me to hear how much they doubted themselves. As their editor, I could tell them that their photos and websites were amazing but it wasn't enough.

And thus my journey into mindset coaching began! I quickly ate up as much education as I could and I became a Certified Life Coach and a Certified Real Manifesting Practitioner.

Based out of Burleson, Texas

Available for awesomness Worldwide

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